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anyone else remember that time skt starved himself down to a walking set of bones? ಠ_ಠ

and here i thought there wasn’t anything thinner than his naked-love era. 

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Lyrics: Yomi
Composition: 咲人 (Sakito)



kawaranai kodou kizamu shinzou
shiroi kuukan de yugamu kanjou
torawareta kokoro o kaihou shite kurenai ka
kirabiyaka ni hanayaka ni matte
shizuka ni nagareru sekai made
kondaku shita kokoro o nusumisatte kurenai ka

best song, hands down. 

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咲人 // AXIS photographed by Susumu Miyawaki

咲人 // AXIS photographed by Susumu Miyawaki

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nightmare’s drastic pv. awful screen-captures. 

although not as endearing and interesting as isolation pv, but it creates the mood for the song. 

the making was surprisingly short (again in comparison to last isolation pv) but enjoy nightmare’s reunion, hitsugi being a mother to yomi, niya and sakito discussing technical stuff, and sakito telling everyone how they should move. 

I don’t know if my dvd was wrong or what because there wasn’t a single ruka shot in the whole making. 

I suppose I will end up getting type a even though I don’t like gallows that much. 

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This album sounds exactly like what I thought it would sound like.

"Shit we have a deadline to meet hey Skt do you have any songs left over from the last five years or so that we can use??"

Yeah. I mean, it could be worse but it’s just so… mediocre. They can do so much better than this.


i liked more than i thought i would but maybe because I was waiting for something like this. 

I was kind of surprised because some song intros sound really good, But then during the song  you don’t heard anything new (I swear I have heard the same progression of chords at least three or four times in different songs). It happen to me with Lullaby, for example.

I mean they seem to have good ideas, but maybe not enough time to develop them?

I agree with -TRUTH- being the gem of the disc, I also liked Gokujo…blablaba (because I have a soft spot for Gianizm like songs). 

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"I no longer get musical inspiration from visual kei when I look at magazines. I have a feeling a lot of people only want to be visual kei now because it is visual kei. Our image has come to make us sad and it’s because we’re leaving an impression on this kind of music, of course. I want to go and broaden my horizons. Our music isn’t in the category of visual kei. On the contrary, we’ve come out with a lot of things and I want to make more and more different melodies."
Sakito (NIGHTMARE), Zy #45 interview (2009)

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AXIS // photographed by Susumu Miyawaki

ah, this was my personal favourite. 

AXIS // photographed by Susumu Miyawaki

ah, this was my personal favourite. 

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